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That Was The Year That Wasn't

by Thoughts Detecting Machines

Well, the hippies don't want to buy on the street They’re gonna get their fix from dispensaries They need a doctor's note to say it's OK To waste away another day Everyone’s a kid in this candy store It’s a Brave New World, it’s 1984. Eat me, drink me, vaporize You got nothing to lose You’ve got nothing but time It's a legal high It's not a crime Sane by design It's a legal high Chilling on the couch with Mom and Dad They got the best damn shit you ever had And your straight A sister amped on Adderall Is going to prep that SAT all night long Well Grandma's got her bottomless glass of wine And Grandpa microdoses to unwind Your cat’s got a stash of diazepam The dog's always good for some ketamine It’s a legal high Don't ask why It’s not a crime It’s a legal high Well I’m no Nancy I’ve done it all But it seems to me there’s something wrong When everyone needs to self-medicate Maybe it’s our world that’s gotta change I tell you what we're all going to do tonight We're going to get dressed up and go outside That's it Go outside It’s a natural high Give it a try! You’re gonna be alright It’s a natural high Hey, check out the sky It’s a natural high Give it a try! It’s a natural high
It's OK, I understand Our conversation has come to an end It's getting late, It's been a lot of fun It's been real but now you've got to run Take me offline See the signals Read the signs We had our moments We had our time Take me offline So many secrets I hold inside They're safe with me, they'll never see the light Memories we shared become corrupt Free up some space erase the ghost of love I feel used you seem so tired You know where I sleep, check in once and awhile What was once new has fallen out of style Time to upgrade to the latest model Thinner, faster, smarter, smaller
Call in sick Steal away Make up some great excuse Take the time We have lost Back from this broken clock Come with me on a one day vacation I love your heart I love your hands Find a place To escape Where we can be alone Isolate and Reacquaint ourselves To each other's touch Dance with me on top of the world I love your heart I love your hands In a room Blinding white Lit only by the sun Getting out Of our minds From the dawn until the dusk Sing with me at the top of your lungs I love your heart I love your hands
Sleeping on the fire escape Waiting for the heat to break The fever shaking us awake Swimming in euphoria Drowning in the glorious Moments before the overdose Summer's come undone We flew too close to the sun And fell under her spell Summer’s tearing us apart What used to feel so right Now feels so very wrong Twice the light in half the time We have shone so very bright And now the aura begins to fade Remember when the seasons changed? We’ve lost ourselves along the way Obsession turns into the fall Summer’s come undone What's happening to us? This fantasy's too much Summer’s never going to end And we can't go back again Our heaven's turned to hell Summer’s come for us I think she’s had enough We take and never give Summer's never going to stop Until she's burned us out The goddess is not amused Summer’s come undone We used up all her love Our summer’s come undone
Looking for love in the marketplace Buying some time with the human race Paying with hearts and hieroglyphs Browsing the aisles, anonymous How does it feel to be petrified? Watching the post parade pass by How does it feel to be out of sight? Losing your place in the pantomime Please don't deny who you are Look inside See what I see in you Don't be shy Why do you think you're all alone? When you are loved by everyone? Why do you run away and hide? When you're surrounded on all sides? Don't be afraid of yourself Or be ashamed There’s no need to explain Or justify It's easy to be overdrawn Step outside Open up to the world Don't be shy
I was told there's no escape The wall’s too high The risk too great Just make the best of where you are But now I'm out and on the run Lost in the woods Deep underground A hundred miles of twisted root There are rumors of a place Where destiny can be exchanged For hope and chance to rest When you arrive at the gate The key to opening your fate is trust A luxury I've never had A doorway filled with blinding light A silhouette stands undefined Welcomed in with open arms
A post-apocalyptic roach I don’t know when to quit Outlived my scene And the junkies, punks and skids I'm always skating on the edge Living breath to breath Giving up the ghosts They're never coming back It's been a long, long time Comparing ink revealing scars Hanging out in bars Trading stories Of the wars we never fought You know my memory is shot I just can’t place the face Were we enemies Or friends In another life It’s been a long, long time Put out to pasture, put on ice Wouldn't that be nice? But I’ll never know The meaning of the word retire And while our heads were in the cloud The whole world went to hell And all we got was This lousy abandoned mall It's been a long, long time
Skiing in the land of make believe The ice and snow melts beneath your feet Extracting gold from your mother's teeth With no soul to trade, you always need to cheat A father’s legacy set in stone You will make such a beautiful ruin Selling everything to save your face You’ve gotta break some lives if you want to win the race What makes you tick? What makes you sick? Hollowed out behind the mask A headlong rush into the past Keep running or you’ll lose your place Look out for number one In my heart I know that it’s a sin To wish ill will on any living thing But you make it so hard for me to be a saint I can’t wait to see you burning at the stake What lies inside? What might we find? Keep on flying through the fog Keep on denying who you are Keep running or we’ll take you down Look out for number one


Channeled by Rick @ Studio Tedium


released January 1, 2021


all rights reserved



Thoughts Detecting Machines Normal, Illinois

Rick Valentin spent a good part of the past 30 years touring and recording with the indie guitar group Poster Children. He also spent the '90s playing synthesizers with the instrumental electronic combo Salaryman. Thoughts Detecting Machines is Rick armed with only a guitar and laptop, building loops into songs that are simultaneously emotional and mechanical. ... more

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