Forget + An Introduction to

by Thoughts Detecting Machines

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released June 4, 2013

Channeled by Rick Valentin at Studio Tedium

Tracks 1-6 are from the "Forget" EP
Mastered by Chris Goosman

Tracks 7-12 are from the "An Introduction to" EP
Mastered by Carl Saff


all rights reserved



Thoughts Detecting Machines Normal, Illinois

Rick Valentin spent a good part of the past 30 years touring and recording with the indie guitar group Poster Children. He also spent the '90s playing synthesizers with the instrumental electronic combo Salaryman. Thoughts Detecting Machines is Rick armed with only a guitar and laptop, building loops into songs that are simultaneously emotional and mechanical. ... more

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Track Name: Down to One
The blue-eyed boy with the brown eyes
I couldn't tell if he was crying
I couldn't tell if he was with us
Or if he was in Amsterdam

The brand new girl in the old dress
Says someone should call his mom
I think it's time we cut her loose
Before she takes all of us down

We are the stars of our own show
Full of asides and inside jokes
We are the fittest of the weak
We're children playing in the street

We don't know our destination
We held hands and jumped aboard
We took a look at all our options
And traded them for something more

We are so far away from home
We don't respond when we are called|
These are events beyond control
And now our crowd is down to one
Track Name: Going Home
Our sisters are missing
Our brothers are lost
Lovers are strangers
Our children are gone
I never knew what we were here for
But we're finally going home

We started as saviors
With god on our side
Now we are survivors
Defending the line
Forever is never a good thing
So we're finally going home

Broken in battle
And crippled by fear
Serving in silence
Forgotten for years
We cannot repair or repay you
But you're finally going home
Track Name: Day After Day
Wrap me in a soft white blanket
Carry me as if I'm weightless
Build a place for me to hide and
Hold me in your arms when I'm asleep

We arrive with desert eyes
We read our lines through paper skin and
In the spring the chinese lanterns
Turn to red hearts dried inside a cage

Day after day
We fill the space
Forget and replace
Day after day

The books, the bricks
The past in glass
The paintings and the photographs
We walk a mile across the room
I'm holding you the way you once held me

Day after day
We rearrange
But nothing's the same
Day after day

Living in clover
Over and over

Day after day
We sit and wait
Wasting away
Day after day
Track Name: Code To Me
Touch me if you can
With your empty hands
Wire your desire
Send me all your

Broken links
Send all your private dreams
Send me everything
Cause it's all code to me
It's code to me

You and I are friends
We have never met
I know who you are
Just forget the

That used to exist between
The code and reality
And put all your trust in me
Trust in me

Here come the thieves
Here come the clones
Here come a million echo chamber drones

I'm here to serve
I'm here to save
I give a little bit and then I take and take

What you see
Is what you get from me
And what I get from you
Is all that lies underneath

All that you buy
All that you need
All that you sell
All that you keep

All you despise
All you believe
All that you are
Is code to me
You're code to me

Here come the sheep
Here come the ants
Here comes the algorithmic song and dance

Define the pattern
And then recurse
Regurgitate the past just like a mother bird
Track Name: In Grey
Vapor trails like fingernails on the blackboard of the sky
They trace the pace of our race across the great divide

Seasons arrive and depart in a day
Climate controls keep us safe/sane
I'm in grey

Beyond all sound I'm looking down upon the blue and green
There is no difference between the window and the screen

Highways and skyways recede underneath
Corridors endlessly set on repeat
Infinite midnight the sunrise contained
Falling forever we never escape
I'm in grey

Out of touch and out of reach
Above the air we breathe
Balanced on the edge of sleep
And drained of memory
Frozen in a perfect state
As the ones who love you change
You will always be the same

Blinded by starlight with god in our eyes
Salt in the mouth and surrounded by fire
We are the righteous the flightless in air
Aloft for a moment then thrown back to earth
I'm in grey
Track Name: Adam + Eve
Disconnect the telephone
Sell off everything we own
Find a place that's always warm
Find a place to build a home
You and me

I'll be Adam, you'll be Eve
We'll start again, we'll make believe
We're the only one's alive
We'll make the time we'll take our time
You and me

I'll be Adam and you'll be Eve
With room to grow and room to breathe
Out of the woods and into the trees
I'll be Adam and you'll be Eve

The garden never looked so good
Everything is where it should be
We are Swimming in a sea of stars
Who knows who or where we are
You and me

I'll be Adam, you'll be Eve
We'll start again, we'll make believe
You'll be Adam, I'll be Eve
I'll be Adam, you'll be Eve
Track Name: Pouring Sun
Summer hangs heavy from the trees
Everything is green
Lust erupts and spreads like a disease
Burning through the leaves

It's pouring sun
All the rain is gone
I remember when I couldn't wait for another day like this

Couples walking down the street believe
That they're in love
Blinded by the chemicals released
Just wait till they wear off

It's pouring sun
Ever since you've been gone
It's pouring sun and I don't have anyone I can share it with

The world is starting to turn
And I'm starting to burn
It's pouring sun and I don't think I can take another day like this
Track Name: Level Me Out
I know I'm safe but I feel trapped
I've got it all but there's a catch
I can't get up I can't relax

I wanted sunshine I got rain
All of my blue skies turned to gray
There is no pill for how I feel
White knuckles hands upon the wheel
You are the only thing that's real

Level me out

For every savior in the sky
There is a burning lake of fire
For every lightning bolt of bliss
There is a thunderhead of piss

For every pleasure there's a risk
For every mountain there's a ditch
For every high five there's a fist

Level me out
Track Name: Knot
If I tried, I bet I
Could tie a knot in anything
Make the simple complicated
Turn a bond into a broken chain

Expert and well-rehearsed
In the fine art of deflection
Conversations filled with blanks
Thoughtless until it was much too late

We go too far
And we can't find a way back
And there's a pause
And then there is the shift

Souvenirs of all the years
Packed into a couple boxes
Left for free, kicked to the curb
Picked over and passed by passersby

The walls are bare
And the stairs are filled with echoes
The bed is made
And the house is a museum
Track Name: This is the Pulse
Dominique is shopping for a gun
And a matching pair of pants
Todd patrols the south perimeter
Locking down the backyard fence
The kids are in the treehouse looking out
For aliens and terrorists
The neighbor wasn't joking when he said
There's more than one way to skin a cat

This is the pulse

The shelves are bare and the lines stretch down the block
And the sirens never stop
The net is dead and we're all left in the dark
As the rolling blackouts start
Free market radicals blow up the banks
And we lose the family keep
Boil the water and stoke the fire
Making tea we cannot drink

This is the pulse

We hunt in packs and we educate our own
In the art of self defense
Digging up the dirt attack the facts
Scorch the earth rewrite the past
Survival of the fittest in the streets
But never in the schools
We have not evolved, we are animals

This is the pulse
Track Name: Machines (Take Good Care of the)
The doctor says "it's got to go"
The body's weak but you can keep your soul
I don't know

The heart begins to atrophy
And when it's gone will what's left still be me?
Or us? Or them? My friends?

Take good care of the machines
And the machines will take good care of you

On the street I can pass
But underneath I am sand and glass
Built to last

They were always there for me
And now I am always there for them
My only friends

Take good care of the machines
And the machines will take care of you

Memories are all I am
And now they're in someone else's hands
They won't let me forget

The heat begins to slip away
Frozen in these never ending days
I sit and wait to break

Take good care of the machines
Or the machines will take care of you

From I to us from rust to dust
Atoms in the body of our host
The parts that make the whole

We are thrown back to the sea
An ocean filled with orphan processes
We are one and we is gone
Track Name: The Rug
Sweep me underneath the rug pretend I'm dead, pretend I don't exist

Never should have gotten out of bed I knew it was, it was a mistake

Watch the seasons pass by at sixty five
On the morning drive
Worry down the edge force fed
The rounded peg has finally set

Where you live is who you are
What you watch is who you are
What you buy is who you are
It’s who you are, it’s who you are

The man who thinks he's my boss tells me I'm late
But I'm not even here
He keeps talking but I haven't heard a word
He's said for a year

What you drive is who you are
Where you park is who you are
What you make is who you are
It’s who you are, it’s who you are

I microwave my three squares a day
But still I run out of time
Unwind online non-stop window-shopping
For a life outside

There's no need to reflect hold up the mirror
And check for a breath
Take two capsules prescribed at night
And call if symptoms persist

Where you go is who you are
Where you went is who you are
Who you know is who you are
It’s who you are, it’s who you are