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An Introduction to

by Thoughts Detecting Machines

Pouring Sun 02:22
Summer hangs heavy from the trees Everything is green Lust erupts and spreads like a disease Burning through the leaves It's pouring sun All the rain is gone I remember when I couldn't wait for another day like this Couples walking down the street believe That they're in love Blinded by the chemicals released Just wait till they wear off It's pouring sun Ever since you've been gone It's pouring sun and I don't have anyone I can share it with The world is starting to turn And I'm starting to burn It's pouring sun and I don't think I can take another day like this
Level Me Out 03:22
I know I'm safe but I feel trapped I've got it all but there's a catch I can't get up I can't relax I wanted sunshine I got rain All of my blue skies turned to gray There is no pill for how I feel White knuckles hands upon the wheel You are the only thing that's real Level me out For every savior in the sky There is a burning lake of fire For every lightning bolt of bliss There is a thunderhead of piss For every pleasure there's a risk For every mountain there's a ditch For every high five there's a fist Level me out
Knot 02:47
If I tried, I bet I Could tie a knot in anything Make the simple complicated Turn a bond into a broken chain Expert and well-rehearsed In the fine art of deflection Conversations filled with blanks Thoughtless until it was much too late We go too far And we can't find a way back And there's a pause And then there is the shift Souvenirs of all the years Packed into a couple boxes Left for free, kicked to the curb Picked over and passed by passersby The walls are bare And the stairs are filled with echoes The bed is made And the house is a museum
Dominique is shopping for a gun And a matching pair of pants Todd patrols the south perimeter Locking down the backyard fence The kids are in the treehouse looking out For aliens and terrorists The neighbor wasn't joking when he said There's more than one way to skin a cat This is the pulse The shelves are bare and the lines stretch down the block And the sirens never stop The net is dead and we're all left in the dark As the rolling blackouts start Free market radicals blow up the banks And we lose the family keep Boil the water and stoke the fire Making tea we cannot drink This is the pulse We hunt in packs and we educate our own In the art of self defense Digging up the dirt attack the facts Scorch the earth rewrite the past Survival of the fittest in the streets But never in the schools We have not evolved, we are animals This is the pulse
The doctor says "it's got to go" The body's weak but you can keep your soul I don't know The heart begins to atrophy And when it's gone will what's left still be me? Or us? Or them? My friends? Take good care of the machines And the machines will take good care of you On the street I can pass But underneath I am sand and glass Built to last They were always there for me And now I am always there for them My only friends Take good care of the machines And the machines will take care of you Memories are all I am And now they're in someone else's hands They won't let me forget The heat begins to slip away Frozen in these never ending days I sit and wait to break Take good care of the machines Or the machines will take care of you From I to us from rust to dust Atoms in the body of our host The parts that make the whole We are thrown back to the sea An ocean filled with orphan processes We are one and we is gone
The Rug 04:00
Sweep me underneath the rug pretend I'm dead, pretend I don't exist Never should have gotten out of bed I knew it was, it was a mistake Watch the seasons pass by at sixty five On the morning drive Worry down the edge force fed The rounded peg has finally set Where you live is who you are What you watch is who you are What you buy is who you are It’s who you are, it’s who you are The man who thinks he's my boss tells me I'm late But I'm not even here He keeps talking but I haven't heard a word He's said for a year What you drive is who you are Where you park is who you are What you make is who you are It’s who you are, it’s who you are I microwave my three squares a day But still I run out of time Unwind online non-stop window-shopping For a life outside There's no need to reflect hold up the mirror And check for a breath Take two capsules prescribed at night And call if symptoms persist Where you go is who you are Where you went is who you are Who you know is who you are It’s who you are, it’s who you are



released May 29, 2012

Channeled by Rick Valentin at Studio Tedium, Bloomington, Illinois.

All noises by Rick except track 5, bass and numbers by Rose Marshack.

Mastered by Carl Saff.

Copyright 2012 Random Hut Music (BMI)


all rights reserved



Thoughts Detecting Machines Normal, Illinois

Rick Valentin spent a good part of the past 30 years touring and recording with the indie guitar group Poster Children. He also spent the '90s playing synthesizers with the instrumental electronic combo Salaryman. Thoughts Detecting Machines is Rick armed with only a guitar and laptop, building loops into songs that are simultaneously emotional and mechanical. ... more

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